The Shadow Root

avie test Chaos

Chaos is a primordial god, and self-proclaimed; First King of the Cosmos.

Chaos has set his sights on a pair of Chosen Blood Knights, and the prophecy of the Phoenix King. He has positioned his players on the board in a merciless game, with his sights set on the destruction of Avalon.

ava Aito

Aito is the eldest Shimizu sibling.  After the death of their mother and disappearance of their father, he focused on his studies and then his career to support his younger siblings and grandmother.

Aito bears the mark of the great Dragon God, Ryujin. He wields a sacred and powerful whip blessed with the dragon’s power.

After becoming injured in battle, Aito becomes seduced by  the dark power of Chaos. 

avie Vincent

Vincent Angelo is a mysterious man who enters Jasper Kain’s life to recruit him as a Chosen Blood Knight for the God Chaos. He bares the same cursed ink, as Jasper and possible answers to his muddled past.

Vincent is skilled  and ruthless with his crimson claws.  He views humans as weak, and flawed. He is determined to resurrect the Goddess Yami in order to reshape the world for his beloved sister, Lilith.

avie test Barra

Barra is the King of the Dark Elves. He aligned himself with the forces of Chaos, and Yami during the great war in Avalon.  Barra is skilled in the forbidden art of necromancy. He cast blood magic spells on his people to ensure unwavering loyalty. After the war, he was banished to the cursed lands of Shadow Root.

Barra is cold and calculating. He moves within the shadows of Avalon with a desire to overtake humanity.

avie test Lilith

Lilith Angelo died long ago when a boat she was a passenger upon sank. She was only fourteen years old when her life tragically ended.   In life Lilith endured a lot of tragedy, but despite the loss of the people she loved the most, she was a cheerful, and hopeful young girl.

Lilith is pulled from another world of light and peace by her brother Vincent, believing her resurrection is a gift from the Goddess Yami; chosen to act as a vessel until they’re able to enter paradise.