The Elven Kingdom: Freberg

test avie Elric

Elric is the King of the Elven nation, Freberg. After the great war which shook Avalon to its core. The  King accomplished the once impossible; he united the Elven nations of Avalon under his banner.

Elric is a strong leader, and proud King. He is a loving husband, and father, who only wishes to protect his family and people from outside threats. After the war, he has a strong distaste for humanity, and Faeries.


Olivia Ava

Olivia is the Queen of the Elven nation, Freberg. She possesses nature magic, and fought alongside her husband during the great war of Avalon. After the fighting stopped, she was instrumental in forging a truce amongst the species of Avalon, and uniting the Elven nations.

Olivia is well versed in combat, the laws of other nations, and has a strong diplomatic mindset. She is thoughtful, empathetic and kind. She is a strong, Queen, and loving mother and wife.


test avie Abella

Abella is the Princess and Oracle of the Elven nation, Freberg. She hasn’t completely mastered her powers of sight, but has experienced visions of the past, and future alike. She was born after the great war, and has only known peace in Avalon and the unity of the Elven nations.

Abella is brave, and willing to take a stand when she witnesses an injustice, even when it means speaking out against her father, the king. She is hopeful for the future of Avalon, yet fears what visions her gift may bring.