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“Introduction of this novel is eerie, fascinating, and compelling. Urging the reader to read more and piquing their curiosity.” – Reviewer


Knights of Avalon is an anime inspired, new adult Arthurian fantasy series. The first installment, Curse of the Shadow King, offers fantastical elements of magic, exciting adventures, mythology, and romance; with a fun sense of humor.

“The fantastical world created by you is rich, comprehensive, and intriguing, and it offers a wide scope for imagination.” – Reviewer.

Centuries ago, Jasper Kain transformed into an immortal warrior when an ominous phantom known as the Shadow King seared mysterious circular runic designs into his palms,  cursed with forbidden blood magic.

Demonic armies invade Japan and rampage through the streets of Tokyo, demolishing everything in sight. Vincent Angelo, an unhinged stranger appears, bearing the same cursed tattoos as Jasper, and answers to a dark prophecy foretelling the end of the world; hidden within the shadows of his fractured mind.

Jasper, together, with fellow Chosen Knights, Hanako, and Tenchi, face many perils while fighting against powerful mythological adversaries. The heroes cross realms and risk everything to awaken the Children of the Gods; The Holy Mages, who are sworn to protect the heart of magic, Avalon.

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Jasper Kain’s life was forever changed when the black death struck London, England in 1348. The night he transformed into an immortal warrior remains a mystery except for one name he cannot forget. The Shadow King.

Jasper wields twin mystical katana blades constructed of deadly razor-sharp blood. The tainted weapons grant him the gift of eternal life and heal his injuries by consuming the life essence of his fallen enemies.


“Curse of the Shadow King makes for a compelling read, and the adventures and challenges faced by the protagonists are sure to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.”- Reviewer.

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“The intertwining of the characters’ personal struggles and conflicts with those in the world around them adds an interesting psychological element to the novel and makes the characters more life-like, 3 dimensional, and relatable.” – Reviewer.


Meet the Author.


Joe Harkreader resides in Southern California with his boyfriend, Allan and dogs; Boo & Teo. He is a self-proclaimed Otaku, aka anime fan and gamer with a severe coffee addiction.

Joe is currently working on his anime-inspired  fantasy series rooted within Arthurian legend, titled; Knights of Avalon. Other writing projects are also in the works along with a graphic design portfolio.

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