The Exiled King

TXK Jasper

Knights of Avalon
-The Exiled King –
Release date: TBA
Jasper ventures into the land of the Pharaohs with his comrades on a perilous quest to save humanity from a crazed cult. A race against time begins! They must acquire the Mask of Anubis- a powerful relic capable of granting eternal life and resurrecting the sadistic Deity known as The Exiled King.

(IG) Author_Joseph_Harkreader
character art: Rob Nix
(IG) @ArEnArtist


Reign of Olympus

Hello! ~ I need to be better about updating the home page of my website! I have a lot going on to share.  I recently finished a prequel novella for the Knights of Avalon series  titled – The Exiled King.  I’m getting everything ready to work with beta readers.

I’m also working on editing the sequel in the Knights of Avalon series!!! I’m really psyched about the direction of the story and character arcs.

If you’d like to check out Curse of the Shadow King-  You can purchase it on several platforms. However, I’m trying to build up reviews on Amazon.  ~ Thank you.

I’m also developing a Greek Mythology themed comic series with an amazing artist (IG) ArEnArtist.  The name of the series is Reign of Olympus. 

I’ll share one of the character commissions below!

More updates soon!

w/much love & appreciation.

Olivia as Neo Athena

Curse of the Shadow King is available in eBook and Paperback!

Jasper Kain press kit



Centuries ago, Jasper Kain transformed into an immortal warrior when an ominous phantom known as the Shadow King seared mysterious circular runic designs into his palms, a curse with forbidden blood magic.

Demonic armies invade Japan and rampage through the streets of Tokyo, demolishing everything in sight. Vincent Angelo, an unhinged stranger appears, bearing the same cursed tattoos as Jasper, and answers to a dark prophecy foretelling the end of the world; hidden within the shadows of his fractured mind.

Jasper, together, with fellow Chosen Knights, Hanako, and Tenchi, face many perils while fighting against powerful mythological adversaries. The heroes cross realms and risk everything to awaken the Children of the Gods; The Holy Mages, who are sworn to protect the heart of magic, Avalon.

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Adopted sixteen-year-old fraternal Twins, Kyle, and Eden Trenton, endure a miserable life on the west coast with horrible adoptive parents, that is, until they return home from school one day to witness a life altering tragedy.
With the help of an unexpected ally the twins escape and discover a shocking secret, they’re Witches, part of a legacy charged with Holding back an ancient dark race; the Draggoulnakarri who once ruled the earth in darkness.
The heathen Witch Hunter, Raza Sinclair pursues the twins and plots to steals an artifact capable of opening a massive rift into the Void, the Dark Prison of insidious Race.
Author: Jaxson Cole Turner
Artist: Robert Nix
IG: @jaxsoncole81