The Knights of Avalon

avie test Jasper

Jasper Kain’s life forever changed when the black death struck London, England in 1348. The night he transformed into an immortal warrior remains a mystery except for one name he cannot forget. The Shadow King.

Jasper wields twin mystical katana blades constructed of deadly razor sharp blood. The tainted weapons grant him the gift of eternal life and the ability to heal his injuries by consuming the life essence of his fallen enemies.

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The youngest Shimizu, Hanako is a bit of a geek with a sharp wit. She is strong willed, close with her brother Tenchi, but clashes with their elder brother and grandmother about the responsibility of their destiny.

Hanako is a humorous young woman, with a taste for adventure. She has always longed for more than the mundane, until the day she was bestowed the sacred bow of Artemis and her destiny began to unfold.

test avie Tenchi

A bit of a shy loner, Tenchi wields the sacred bow staff of courage , and possesses the ability to transform into a Falcon.

Tenchi tried to resist magic. He ran away from Japan, to escape his responsibilities and the tragedy of the Shimizu family legacy-only to experience grave misfortune before returning home.

Tenchi is close to and protective of his sister, Hanako. He cares for his older brother, Aito, but resists the pressure of his corporate life style.