Holy Mages of Avalon

Tora Ava

Tora is the son of the Forest God, Izanagi. He is the Guardian of the Wild and one of the chosen Seven Holy Mages chosen by Merlin. He possesses the ability to transform into any animal or mythological beast. His magic also enhances the transformation abilities of his chosen Knight, Tenchi Shimizu.

Tora has a sarcastic sense of humor, and tends to lack a social filter. He can be blunt at times, but always comes through for the people he cares about when it counts.


Sayuri avie

Sayuri is the daughter of the Sea God, Watatsumi. She is the Guardian of the Summer Rain, and one of the chosen Seven Holy Mages. She possesses control of the element of water, and is able to enhance the abilities of her chosen Knight, Hanako Shimizu.

Sayuri is intelligent, and well versed in the magical arts making her more than capable in battle. She is loyal, soft-spoken, and a little shy.