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Adopted sixteen-year-old fraternal Twins, Kyle, and Eden Trenton, endure a miserable life on the west coast with horrible adoptive parents, that is, until they return home from school one day to witness a life altering tragedy.
With the help of an unexpected ally the twins escape and discover a shocking secret, they’re Witches, part of a legacy charged with Holding back an ancient dark race; the Draggoulnakarri who once ruled the earth in darkness.
The heathen Witch Hunter, Raza Sinclair pursues the twins and plots to steals an artifact capable of opening a massive rift into the Void, the Dark Prison of insidious Race.
Author: Jaxson Cole Turner
Artist: Robert Nix
IG: @jaxsoncole81

eBook Available

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉

I’m excited to see the eBook version of Curse of the Shadow King live today. It’s a little surreal. 💯 So much hard work, passion and love went into the crafting of this book. It’s been a crazy learning experience and adventure filled with highs and lows. Moments when I felt defeated, but I fought through the challenges and here I am feeling triumphant.
And now, I’m proud to share my book baby with the world.
I deeply appreciate the support I’ve received, and would like to extend a deep gratitude filled Thank you to those who have purchased my novel. Enjoy! And please be sure to hit up the sales page with a review. It helps my ranking and visibility.
If you haven’t bought the novel yet. It’s available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. It’ll also be available for purchase on ibooks, and Googe books soon.

Print editions will be available soon.

I’m looking forward to an amazing and productive 2020!
My two big goals are to finish the sequel novel to Knights of Avalon, and the prequel novella.

I wish you all the best in 2020. ❤

Thank you for supporting my dream.
w/ much love & appreciation.


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