Knights of Avalon series updates Oct.3rd-19

Great news! The official launch for Curse of the Shadow King will be during December 2019! I’ll update an exact day, and links for pre-orders soon. I’ll announce details on giveaways soon as well. 


I’m planning to upload a three chapters sample of the anime-inspired, Arthurian themed novel soon.  I’m also working on a preview of my future art companion book for Curse of the Shadow King.

I’ve been hosting and having a blast with IG and FB lives.  

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday are usually when you’ll catch me on 7pm PDT- CA)

IG: Author_Joseph_Harkreader


I recently jumped into the AuthorTube community!  Subscribe to my new YouTube channel!  I’m looking forward to networking with other content creators, sharing my work, and geeking out with you guys. ❤ 






Twitter: @JHarkreader
artist (IG): @arenartist
charater designs(IG): JosephHarkreader
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